Athletes! See below what challenges await you at the Fit Dash Challenge!

Keep in mind, every obstacle/task that requires you to move an objects/piece of equipment, requires you to return that object/equipment back to the starting point to be reset for the next athlete.

When reading the standards, the weight mentioned is the male weight and the second weight is the female weight (i.e. 53/35 → 53lbs for males and 35lbs for females)

Wall Climbs
Athletes will have to climb up and over one and then up and over a second wall.
The taller walls are for the Elite and Open Men Divisions and the shorter walls are for the Open Women and Teens division.

Dumbbell Carry Over Boxes
Athletes will travel up and over 3 sets of boxes with a dumbbell in each hand. Once they travel down and back all three boxes, they must place the dumbbells down at the start of the obstacle AND THEN hurdle/jump back up and over the boxes to continue.
Open & Teens: 35lbs/20lbs
Elite: 50lbs/35lbs

Sandbag Carry
Athletes will have to pick up a sandbag at the starting point and carry it passed the end cones and then back to the starting point.

Balance Beam
Athletes must walk across balance beam and make it all the way to the end without touching the ground. If athlete falls, they must return to the start.
Open, Teen, Elite: same

Tire Flips
Athletes will flip tire 5 times to move on and continue through the course. While flipping the tire, if the tire reaching the end cones on either side, you must turn around and flip the tire the other direction.

Keg Carry
Athletes will carry (or roll) any way to the end cones and then back to the starting point.

Kettlebell Farmers Carry
Athletes must pick up a kettlebell in each arm and carry them to the end cones and then back and place them down behind the starting point.
Open & Teen: 53lbs/35lbs
Elite: 88lbs/70lbs

Sled Drag
Athletes must grab the sled’s harness facing forward (away from the sled), must drag the sled until the sled completely crosses the end cones, and then back until the sled is back behind the starting point.
Open & Teen: 135lb / 95lb
Elite: 225lb / 180lb

D-ball Throws
Athletes will have to Launch the D-Balls continuously until they D-Ball reaches the 50ft mark and then back to the starting line. Athletes must be facing forwards when launching the D-ball (can not launch backwards) and can NOT Roll the D-ball. Must begin the launch from where the D-ball is lying (May not pick up take steps forward). Only ONE step forward while launching D-ball is allowed.
Open & Teen: 40lbs/30lbs
Elite: 50lbs/40lbs

Sled Push
Athletes will push the sled out to the cones and back until the sled has fully passed the starting point.
Males – 2X45lb plates on sled
Females – empty sled
Open & Teens: only 40ft and back
Elite: 75ft and back

Tire Sprint In and Outs
Athletes will step in and out of every tire until completed.

Cargo Net Climb
Athletes will climb up and over the cargo net.

Sled Pull
Athletes will pick up the rope and run pass the end cones. Then while facing the sled, pull the sled using the rope hand over hand until the sled passes the end cones. They then will turn the sled around, run back to the starting line, and pull the sled back until the sled passes the starting point.
Open & Teen: 45lbs
Elite: 135/90lb

Stone Carry
Athletes must carry stone out passed the end cones and then back to the starting cones.
Open & Teen: 72lbs/40lbs
Elite: 93lbs/72lbs

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